Taking the initiative to reach out and be curious about the root causes of your health concerns instead of putting up the symptoms already tells me a lot about you (that I like!). Before we hop on the phone, please tell me a bit more so I can understand how to best serve you.
Included in this survey is a link to my online scheduling software where you can pick a time that is convenient for you. Due to demand, there is a nominal 20$ charge to hold your reservation. 

Typically we'll meet via Skype or phone, but we have several other communication options if those aren't great for you.
Hi, my name is Erin Knight. What is your name? *

What is your #1 health concern right now? *

How long has this been affecting you?

Where would you say you are on your wellness journey?

What have you tried that has been working (diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, supplements, etc) ?

What have you tried that hasn't worked (supplements, prescriptions, diet changes, surgeries, professionals visited, etc)

How does this issue affect your day-to-day life (does it impact your work, social life, family life)?

Tell me more about your motivation to change...
On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to take action and invest time and energy in feeling better?

What will success look like for you? Where do you hope to be with your health in 6 months and why?

Tell me more about what is driving you to improve your health. Do you want to hike in Peru? Have more time and energy to paint? Do you desperately need more energy just to keep up with the basics of life right now?
Visit my online scheduling software at http://bit.ly/2aP4V6i to pick a time that is convenient for you.

Yes, you can click that link (opens in new window) and go there right now. I'll wait :)

If you are not finding a time in the next 2 weeks that works for your schedule, just shoot me an email erin@engineeringradiance.com and we will figure something out!
Now that we have that set up, please tell me the Skype account or phone # to reach you at for our scheduled call: *

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